Jim Roth, Broker  
Flat Fee MLS Listing...$500
(If you need no other assistance...this is all you owe.)
Your home will be placed on the Cincinnat or Dayton MLS plus
Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.com and over 200 Broker Sites!
Serving Southwest Ohio since 1992
Email: jim@jimrothrealty.com
Jim Roth Realty
1549 Woodview LN
Hamilton, OH 45013
513-737-2400 (office)
513-235-7933 (cell)
888-819-7878 (fax)


$500 Upfront MLS Fee
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What Is Broker Assistance
and Why Pay For It
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Expert Service...Big Savings!!!

There are probably dozens of flat fee Real Estate Brokers who service For
Sale By Owners in Southwest Ohio. Unlike most of these Brokers  I am local
and will personally serve you. Most of these other Brokers are located in
other areas of the state and country, although they design their sites to look
local. They collect your money and  put your home on the local MLS but then
you are on your own. That's
not  what I do. I represent you throughout the
purchase contract and all the addenda required by law.  I'll help your buyer
find a loan and work with the bank and title company until the deal closes,
keeping you informed every step of the way.  

   About Me

I started Jim Roth Realty in Oxford Ohio in 1992.   Over the years I've
helped  hundreds of folks save thousands of dollars in Real Estate
Commissions.  I keep my overhead very low and pass the savings to you.
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Flat Fee Listings Include:
•        Sign and Lockbox
•        Use of MLS Appointment Center
•        Realist Estimate of Home Value

Full Broker Assistance
available for a small 0.75%
at closing
which includes:

  • Prepare and explain purchase
    contracts and other documents.
  • Present and assist in negotiating
    offers and post inspection
  • Work with the buyer’s Realtor,
    lender and title company.
  • Keep you informed every step
    and make sure the deal closes!

*A 3% co-op commission to buyer’s    Realtor
is recommended but not required.
*1.5% commission if no other Realtor is

Platinum Traditional
(Only available in Butler County)

Jim Roth Realty finds Buyer..........4%

Another Realtor finds Buyer.....…5%